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Events & Design

Who are we



Tailored Corporate Events


Sceneve Ltd is a corporate event consulting agency piloted by Kristian Björk. Sceneve produces tailored, customer specific corporate events.


Our experienced collaboration network offers truly versatile content and is geographically wide – no matter what your event scale or location is, we can make it happen flexibly and cost-efficiently.


We brainstorm, design, and execute tailored corporate events with bold attitude. We provide each customer with a unique and cost-effective solution. We know tomorrows digital possibilities and near impossible is our routine.

Corporate Events in Helsinki and anywhere else in Finland


No matter is your location in the Helsinki metropolitan area or anywhere else in Finland, our scalable nation-wide service model provides you with the best local partner collaboration together with competitive pricing. Our cooperation network suits for every situation and every need.


For the benefit of all our clients, we are fully supplier independent. This guarantees the best event partners for best price.


Whatever you want to achieve from your corporate event, our event consultants will guide you safely across today’s event jungle. We are your inducing event partner from Helsinki. We are Sceneve Event Consulting Agency.

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Who is



Who is Kristian Björk


Kristian Björk, Sceneve Ltd’s Managing Director,  is an event consulting professional. Through his work, Kristian helps companies in versatile assignments from designing unique and experience-rich events to digitizing presentations.


Kristian Björk has seen and experienced a great deal in the world of event production along his career, thanks to spending a long while in the Finnish and international jet-set societies and visiting many major public events. These kinds of events certainly offer a variety of experiences. Still, Kristian has his feet on solid ground.


This long, varied experience offers valuable advantages to the customers. Only after seeing world-class luxury, both in good and in bad, one can say what works and what doesn’t, what should be done and what shouldn’t. Without this accumulated experience, the view of the available opportunities would be much narrower, and without this kind of wide perspective, it is only natural that things could become repetitive quite quickly.


However, Sceneve does not offer everything to everyone, but instead utilizes its professional competence to offer something suitable for anyone. A wide range of companies of different sizes from different fields utilize the services of Sceneve. Achieving and maintaining success requires companies to invest also in their business events. Kristian will solve his clients’ challenges by bringing bold but successful solutions to the table.


Imagination is a limited resource


When customers conduct their own business operations, they have to keep their focus on what they are doing and how they are running their business. However, when organizing business events, this focus needs to be suddenly directed completely elsewhere and on a whole different level. In these situations, marketing managers and companies’ in-house event coordinators often find out that their imagination has its limits.


“This is completely normal and okay,” Kristian says. “Event consulting, combined with a rich imagination, offers a different, daring perspective that pushes the limits perfectly. Often, this is just the thing the customers need.”


Boring business sectors


“In event consulting, there is no such thing as a boring business sector,” Kristian states. In fact, if you want to consider something as boring, remember that boring is good. We do not only want the luxurious assignments. Most of our clients just try to run their regular, day-to-day business and that is great!


These everyday business sectors have the best opportunities to surprise their own staff, stakeholders and clients in a slightly new environment while still firmly staying within their own “entertainment comfort zone”. They only need to step out of their own normal for a while. Here, Sceneve can help its client companies succeed.

A conductor leading a concert


Naturally, one man alone cannot produce the event of a large – or even a small – company. In fact, during these events Kristian acts as a kind of a conductor, leading an orchestra. Kristian’s “orchestra” consists of decades worth of contacts with artists, renaissance men and women of showbiz, stakeholders of the field and authorities.


A good orchestra play well together. They have trust that is not questioned. Hierarchy and the division of responsibility are crystal clear. Everyone plays the same tune, supporting each other’s performances. When an orchestra sounds good, it is good. When people have fun at an event and enjoy themselves, the event is also successful. It’s that simple!


“A well-functioning network implements itself, like it had its own artificial intelligence. Incredible things can happen, when you know the right people, there is plenty of trust and things are done both responsibly and with great passion,” Kristian says.


In fact, Kristian and his network can almost make the impossible possible. “Not by bragging, but by giving solid advice and listening to the client,” Kristian says.



Corporate Events (and Kristian’s advice)


As we all know, there is no such thing as a free lunch. This is more than true in the world of creative corporate event consulting.


Event discussion is about openly sharing inspiring stories and experiences and coaching each other. The customer explains their business, their hopes for the event and the related challenges. The event consultant listens, finds the common thread and brings up ideas, customized for the client.


At this stage, it should be noted that even in the relaxed atmosphere of an open discussion, all confidential client references remain confidential. Also an idea-rich discussion requires that the situation is met with the right attitude. The setting and common rules need to be clear. Without these common rules for the budding partnership, many great ideas could be left undiscovered.


As a final comment – everything begins from the first contact. This we can’t do for you. When you decide to take the first step, we promise not to force you with any ideas.



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What do we do



Corporate event’s don’t need to be boring…


For your business we are a consultative, one stop corporate event partner that gets thing done, with a twist!


We are familiar with corporate anniversaries, product launches, product promotions, customer events, employee training sessions and don’t forget those memorable company Christmas parties. We give normal just the right amount of abnormal and transfer everyday things to something surprising. We create authentic experiences.


We know that regardless of your industry, digitalisation isn’t just an important part of your core business. It is also an important part of corporate events. We master tomorrows digital opportunities from virtual travel to online tournaments. We give your business expert level consultation whether it’s a sporting event, recreation day or a sophisticated invitation-only event, and link everything with tomorrows digital possibilities.


With a corporate event that’s compelling and interesting to your target audience you grow your social business network and deepen business relationships. With our help your corporate event sets the bar for others.

Corporate event consulting is in transition


Constantly more and more is expected from Corporate Events. In addition to felicitous experiences one needs to pay attention to details some don’t even notice. Customer focused corporate event consulting is closely connected to (event) service design.


When talking about corporate events, a small single matter can be the one thing the whole event is remembered by. One of our specialties is just that. Regardless of your business, we know how to choose the right things that make the big difference. We call this Corporate Event Service Design.


A carefully considered and successful corporate event leaves a positive memory trace, not only about the event itself, but also about the company that held the occasion. This can be a small inspirational experience presented just at the right time, but is something that’s passed on to clients, colleagues and friends for a long time. Yes, that’s Priceless.


As a memory imprint stamper for corporate events, Sceneve is a trusted and inducing event partner. A pioneer of its own kind. With our bold customer orientated attitude and our extensive partner network we truly make things happen. We create and formulate experiences that up front were not even considered possible. We are here to guide you through today’s demanding corporate event expectations. For your business we are a consultative and creative, one-stop inducing event partner.

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When an important business event is closing please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What is



Corporate Event Consultancy is…


In corporate level event consulting dedicated event consultants advice and help clients implement whole events or selected event tasks in collaboration with marketing, stakeholders and/or corporate internal functions. Tasks consist everything from consulting and brainstorming to design and execution. Sceneve corporate event consultants always produce personalized and tailored services, for each event and for each client, without exception.


A corporate event consultant must be creative, fundamental and experienced. A corporate event consultant must create special out of ordinary, see and recognize the difference between various different industries and by gained experience give expertise and responsible advice for each and every client.



A corporate event consultant must visualize, design and execute individual frames for both large and small scale events, from single acts to large festival like events. They can be anything from basic corporate parties, training sessions, invited guest receptions, concerts, public events, meetings to product launches. What combines all is that they are all planned individually to meet the needs of every single client. Vast and independent co-operation network enables Sceneve agency’s experienced corporate event consultants to rapidly change and scale for every situation as needed.

Event Consultant & Event Stakeholders


In corporate level event consultancy the client dedicated corporate event consultant works closely with all event stakeholders: graphic designers, marketing and communication departments and also directly with client top management.

They get hands-on and prepare the detailed event agenda, choose and prepare the venue, arrange and design the event program and manage all necessary communications with respected authorities.


Corporate event consultants also participate first-hand in the actual event. They make sure everything runs smoothly and according to plan. If necessary, the corporate event consultants take quick action to avoid any unnecessary problems and deal with all situations in a discrete manner.


Corporate event consultancy is demanding. Client customized corporate event consulting is responsible, challenging and sometimes very hectic, but for us it is a passion and me love it.


Do you need an experienced corporate event consultant? We are at your disposal. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our set of values


Event partner


Sceneve is a partner that’s fully committed to the needs of every single client. Time after time we deliver unforgettable experiences. We want your event to succeed and exceed the set goals – time after time. With our strong commitment we build a solid foundations for a long-lasting business relationships.


In the world of event consulting a dedicated and trusted partner is an important aid for any event. We want to show we are trustworthy and do things together others don’t yet know or even consider possible. Event consulting specialist Sceneve is your consultative and trusted event partner.

Inducing event partner

For our clients we want to be an inducing event partner. We want to create and give thrilling experiences and unforgettable memories. The kind of memories you can go back to again and again with a smile on your face. Until we meet again.

Experiences from the heart

A powerful feeling leaves a mark, both in good and bad. In life and in event consulting we always focus on the good. Let us create and share our good spirit for you too. There’s never enough of good in the world. Let us earn your trust.

Mission Impossible

Nearly impossible is our everyday. We want to exceed our client’s expectations. We want to surprise and be surprised. By ways of event consulting we want to provoke powerful and emotionally rich experiences and leave permanent memories. Experiences that both you and your customer share for the rest of your lives.

Brand Identity

Sceneve is known as the inducing event partner and energetic and bold event consulting agency. We are passionate about our work and want to offer our clients the best cooperation and service available. For your business we want to be the best event partner.

How do we start


How do we start the Corporate Event Cooperation?


If your corporate event is already knocking at the door, it’s time to take action and think about all the things you might need help with to get everything done. Next, see how we start our Corporate Event Cooperation!

How do we start the corporate event cooperation and the actual event consultancy?


If your company needs minor help with a closing business event, we can provide you Partial Event Realization Service or alternatively Pure Event Consulting Service.


In Partial Event Realization Service our function is to carry out a smaller scale specific part or parts of the event from consultation to execution to help ease the overall workload.


In Pure Event Consulting Service we consult and mentor your in-house event staff and/or event stakeholders step by step with our Event Service Design. We manage the event together with you and guide you through from start to finish.


Partial Event Realization Service and Pure Event Consulting Service are cost efficient ways to get things going and done, and in the process significantly ease your personal and overall workload.

How about cases where you, our client, wish to pass the event responsibility to us from planning to execution?


If your schedule is tight and need a bigger helping hand rest assured, leave this task to us. We will take the lead and carry out your upcoming business event. And meet your highest expectations.


In Complete Event Consulting Service we take responsibility for overall implementation – from planning to execution. All is done as a one ready packed turnkey solution and you can fully focus on other matters.


With our Complete Event Service you save time, labor and yes in the end – also costs. In addition to our creative minds we have an efficient and reliable cooperation network. We provide you with a truly scalable service package as one cost efficient and reliable turn-key solution.

Questions or ready to rock?


If question arise (and they always do), please don’t hesitate to contact us. Sceneve Event Consulting Agency is an inducing event partner for any business.



Do I plan a
Corporate Event

How do I plan a corporate event?


This is a question we hear often and inspired by this question, we drafted a checklist for all the corporate event DIY women and men. Without further ado let’s jump into the world of corporate event planning!

Corporate Event Topic & Goal


Event topic and goal form the foundation for the whole scene. They dictate what is needed and what the desired outcome will be.


Start by asking yourself a few questions. What is a realistic goal for the event? What was the one thing that made you go ahead with the event? Do you want to increase you company’s brand awareness? Is your business launching a new product or service? Would you primarily like to connect with important business stakeholders?


Decide what it is you wish to achieve and how the event can help you do it. If the event at hand is an annual fair or any other major event that occurs every year, one important key factor is to keep the number of visitors steadily rising year over year.


On the other hand, if the event is a more specific and limited, for example only intended for important stakeholders to your business, it’s important to reach just the right group of people and maximise the benefit that you get from each participant.


Are you planning to sell tickets to the event? Are looking to gain some income or even make a substantial profit? In this case you’re looking to attract as many visitors as possible. This also means hefty investments in marketing – something to consider when planning the budget.


Corporate Event Resources


Event resources basically mean the people that work on the project. For the event to be a reality, you need an efficient and functioning team behind you. Events are demanding, there’s no denying that. Different roles demand high level expertise. You need experienced professionals, who are specialised to the task at hand and do the job in a routine manner.


Common roles in events are promotion coordinators, program coordinators, marketing coordinators, various advertising and communications agency roles, security guards, hospitality managers, equipment managers, technique managers, venue managers, commercial cooperation managers and the list goes on.


Because in the end you are the one who is responsible for event, you are also responsible for hiring and managing the whole team behind you. In addition to this skilful team you just put together, also you personally need solid experience from organizing an event. Otherwise before you know it, your busy day turns into a chaos.


Corporate Event Venue and Date


The venue is an essential part of any successful event. What comes to the venue, it is no good to get stuck on one company for choice of venues? Every time you must adapt to the event at hand individually and customer specific. When you’re looking for the perfect venue for your customer, make a list of the most important things the venue should have on location right away and what can be added later.


For example – take following in consideration. How much space do you need and what kind of space? Do you need lots of empty space or areas separated from each other? What regulatory restrictions does the space have? Does the venue offer furniture, technique or other services for the space? Is it already too late to book the venue? Confirm good time in advance, that the venue you want is available when you need it. Some venues require an advance booking fee. Find out in advance about possible extra charges.


If you’re having a big outdoor festival in the middle of a know where, could something surprizing cause a problem? For example, is there enough mobile network capacity? How do the guest arrive to such event? Is the parking space big enough for busses or hundreds of cars.

Corporate Event Partners


If your company does not have the budget it takes to have an event at desired scale, getting some event partners and sponsors just might be what you’re looking for.


Big and well-known partners can give substantial financial support for your event. In addition, well-known partners can open prosperous PR-possibilities in different channels, from social media to television.


Well-known event partners can give you credibility, stability and draw other companies to participate in event partnerships. One could say that with the right partners, you immediately multiply your changes to succeed.


The more partners you get to share the event financial costs, the less everyone must invest and the less financial risk you have on a personal level, or the company that is organizing the event. Partner collaboration is especially useful in large scale events before the event is well-known, awareness has spread, and safe visitor numbers have become steady.


It’s important to recognize the industries that are suitable for the event you’re planning. The event partners and their products, services or brand values must not conflict with the event in anyway. Think about the visibility your business partners could want from the event. Plan turn-key-ready partner packages. Take in consideration, that one big partner might want exclusivity for something or just the whole visibility of the event.


When negotiating partnerships with different companies, it’s important to recognize the true decision makers. It could be someone from administration or marketing, but often it’s necessary to talk directly to top management, no matter if the company is small or big. That’s how you get things done.


In addition to having the right contacts, it’s important to make contact at the right time, especially well in advance! The bigger the company, the likelihood of them making and deciding over budgets in good time before the next accounting period evens starts, is very probable.


Corporate Event budget


Regardless do you have a lot of money to spend or not, the event budget is always one of the most important things. The event budget goes hand in hand with all sorts of events – internal events, product launches or let’s say a big concert. Without an adequate budget you will never be able to implement the event. Nearly without exception, arranging finance from any party calls for a detailed and well-planned budget. There’s just no way to get around it.


Corporate Event Budget: Key factors


Event marketing costs, event artist costs, venue costs, event sound, light and other technique costs, event personnel costs, event decorative costs, event advertising agency costs, event public relations agency costs and event transport costs.


Corporate Event Brand & Marketing


Create a suitable look for the event brand. It should be something that everyone remembers right away and hey, don’t forget to plan marketing. Answer these questions. What is the theme for your event? What is the event logo? What is the name of the event? Does the event have something to identify it by? Is there a fundamental idea that can be seen everywhere? Is there something special that you must pay attention to when creating event image? What commercial channels would you like to be featured in?


Now the planning of your event is good shape but all events, big or small, need marketing. Especially the first time! Television, radio, social media, content marketing, newspapers, digital marketing, fairs, search engine optimization, blog collaboration, influencer marketing, the list just goes on. Today’s marketing is a mixed package of various alternatives that can be used alone or together. You must decide where to be seen and who to reach.

Now you’re ready!


If all this seems hard, it’s because it is. When you need a helping hand, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help! We are experienced event consulting professionals. So come on, contact Kristian for some useful advice!

We make it happen






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